Photoluminescent Film Memorial Medallion for War Veterans

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Andaglow has a professional team and provide you with the most efficient service. As the pioneer of light storage and emitting industry, Andaglow provide a wide variety of Photoluminescent materials, Photoluminescent products, such as Photoluminescent film, Photoluminescent cloth, Photoluminescent leather, Photoluminescent print film, Photoluminescent stickers, Photoluminescent powder, etc which has good remark from the international customers.

A few days ago, AndaGlow get a order for commemorative Photoluminescent film sign in memory of war veterans.As the request, The order quantity is not large, so we may have to bear a large cost risk and some uncontrollable production problems.However, we still accepted the order without hesitation. Even if there is no profit, we absolutely want to finish the project. As the battle of self-defence and counter-attack is the battle of establishing national power, which reflects the spirit of a strong country. It is a great idea, a firm will, a belief of steel and a noble faith. This is the basic concept of the people-oriented, social service.

After received the original picture from customer, our team began to make the production plan. Through a lot of typesetting, proofing and design in the early stage, we finally decided to choose Photoluminescent film as the main material for printing and production. Photoluminescent film is soft plastic film, with adhesive and release paper on the back.

The product is non-toxic and harmless. It does not contain any radioactive elements, high Photoluminescent, long life properties. It can be directly cut into a variety of Photoluminescent graphics, signs, paste in place.

In the process of production, we encountered many difficulties, Silk printing color difference, bending after being put for a long time, heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance and fadeless problems.However, Andaglow has a professional team, all the process strictly according to the company’s process and international stardard, the Photoluminescent film sign has been finished perfectly with many times try to better and better and reach perfection.

When the order is sent to customer, We all are very happy as it is not only a order, but also is the basic believe of Andaglow: “People-oriented, user first”

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