Disney’s Photoluminescent film cup

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AndaGlow has been committed to the establishment and development of China's Photoluminescent film material industry brand. While ensuring the quality, Anda still improve the perceived quality of products, to provide consumers with multi-dimensional safety application experience to meet the different request. Company Apply international standard to build "Anda Glow" into an internationally famous brand.

We have cooperated with many famouns international company. Not long ago, Anda get the order form American Disney, it is mainly for Photoluminescent film cup. Nowadays the handicrafts are not as orderly and ordinary as before, this order needs to bring a new and peculiar feeling. Our company now produces a wide range of Photoluminescent products, including Photoluminescent ragid sheet/Photoluminescent adhesive film, Photoluminescent print film, transparent Photoluminescent film, Photoluminescent leather, Photoluminescent cloth,etc. After a lot of communication and discussion, we made a sample for American Disney. It is very perfect and Disney placed a bulk order and mass production.

The photoluminescent film produced by ANDA is high luminous intensity, long afterglow time. light 5-20 minutes can reach saturation, high luminous brightness in the dark place, after 12 hours, successively through the performance test of long persistence materials, non-toxic, no radiation, no pollution, glow novel and chic. It is power of green energy-saving products. And it also achieved the customer's original intention and the request, which has satisfied the foreign market request.

ANDA focus on Research and Production of Photoluminescent film more than 10 years, which has a certain share in the international market. The Photoluminescent film exports to the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, South Korea, India and other international market which get a good remark!

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